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At CATA, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the Roca brothers in developing this unique product range, aiming to offer the utmost excellence for those who see cooking as a unique experience. The vision of the prestigious team at “El Celler de Can Roca”—awarded three Michelin stars and recognised as the Best Restaurant in the World—along with our expertise as one of the leading global manufacturers, operating in over 100 countries, allows us to unveil this unique proposal. We hope it marks the beginning of a new generation of more environmentally friendly and efficient appliances.

Technology and exceptional performance.

All products in the CATA & Can Roca range incorporate the latest technological advances, achieving excellent results.

Maximum quality standards.

Maximum functionality and ease of use are criteria for all our products.

Leading trends worldwide.

We integrate energy consumption optimisation and environmental impact reduction into the development of our products and manufacturing processes, facilitating material recycling.

Pioneers in incorporating technological solutions that reduce energy consumption.

Pro family, 5” touch screen

High-sensitivity and temperature-resistant screen that allows you to perform all basic control functions easily and intuitively. It also provides access to extra functions such as different cooking modes, access to recipes and charts for all types of food.



The touch screen provides easy and quick access to the main controls of the hood, as well as allowing many new functions:

PRO Connectivity with the PRO FAMILY hobs with the possibility of remote control from the hob and AUTO mode that regulates the hood’s suction power according to cooking needs.

Filter cleaning notification and activated charcoal filter replacement notice for optimal hood performance at all times.

Instant or cyclical air renewal to keep the kitchen air fresh without smoke or odours.

Next-generation hoods

All hoods in the CATA & Can Roca range feature LED lighting and a touch panel, as well as the most advanced technology:

Brushless motor, the quietest on the market, and one that offers maximum energy savings.




IDF 9012 PRO BK | IDF 8021 PRO BK| IDB 6003 PRO BK

The touch control with 5-inch TFT screen offers intuitive and pleasant handling.

It also has hundreds of cooking and recipe charts that will allow you to access the secrets of El Celler de Can Roca.

In addition to the traditional power level cooking system, you can choose between two temperature control cooking modes:

Precise Mode: Direct and precise control using the optional Rocook external sensor. It allows you to select the temperature within a range of 40°C to 180°C, with precision up to 1°C.

Fast Mode: Indirect control using the sensor located under the glass. It allows you to select the temperature within a range of 40°C to 100°C, with precision up to 10°C.


Thanks to ultra-fast induction technology, the cooking time is considerably reduced.

This implies lower energy consumption and greater economic savings.





MT 9011 PRO BK

It allows you to perform basic cooking functions easily and intuitively and provides access to extra cooking functions, recipes and charts for all types of food. Features include rapid heating, keeping warm, a specific function for pizza cooking and a stable and precise low-temperature cooking function.

Elegant design and advanced technology for ovens and microwave ovens

CATA & Can Roca ovens and microwave ovens integrate the latest technological advancements and high-quality components, coupled with an elegant design, resulting in a stunning aesthetic.

El Celler de Can Roca – Best Restaurant in the World

El Celler de Can Roca has been honoured as the Best Restaurant in the World by the prestigious British magazine RESTAURANT multiple times.
The establishment, led by the Roca brothers, has consistently claimed the top position in the rankings compiled by this publication. Additionally, it boasts three prestigious Michelin Stars awarded by the renowned French culinary guide, which assesses the best kitchens globally.

Cata Electrodomésticos enjoys the unique privilege of collaborating with Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca for the exclusive development of the “CATA & Can Roca” range of appliances. This line is characterised by maximum innovation, technology and quality in its development and manufacturing, reaching a level that attains excellence—a contribution made possible only by the best chefs globally with their knowledge and experience in cooking processes and tools. All backed by a 5-year warranty, providing maximum confidence and reliability that only the “CATA & Can Roca” range can offer.

We take pride in continuing our collaboration with the Roca brothers in the “CATA & Can Roca” range of appliances. We will maintain our successful relationship to develop novel and efficient products that further enhance the high standard of Spanish cuisine.


The “CATA & Can Roca” range by CATA is the leading specialist in the extractor hood sector, a crucial element in this exclusive line of appliances. With various avant-garde designs, finishes and extraction levels, the “CATA & Can Roca” hood range adapts to all types of needs and kitchens. In any case, all hoods in the range are characterised by low energy consumption. This efficiency comes from the exclusive Brushless motor, ensuring not only minimal consumption but also maximum silence. The metal filters can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. For user convenience, they feature a slider touch control panel with a timer. Additionally, they have 10 extraction levels and adjustable LED lighting.


El Celler is a freestyle restaurant, dedicated to creative avant-garde cuisine while honouring the memory of generations of family ancestors devoted to feeding the people. It was founded by brothers Joan and Josep Roca at the end of August 1986 in Girona, with Joan in the kitchen and Josep in the dining room. Soon after, in 1987, Encarna Tirado, now Josep Roca’s wife, joined the project in the dining room. In 1998, the younger brother, Jordi, joined the Celler’s kitchen.

Joan Roca, the chef; Josep Roca, the sommelier and master of waiters; and Jordi Roca, the pastry chef, are National Gastronomy Award winners and share the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Girona.

The commitment of Celler de Can Roca to cuisine and avant-garde, along with its connection to academia, has led to a continuous dialogue with producers and scientists—a total dialogue. It is noteworthy that all three brothers have been students at the Hospitality School of Girona and believe in pedagogy as the foundation for future professionals.